carbide milling cutters


  • simple small

    Simple fine cut cutters are used for finishing and fine removal of gold, other metals and acrylics.

  • small cruciform

    Fine Cross Cut Bits Used for finishing precious metal alloys, chromium-cobalt, chromium-nickel alloys, steel, as well as for quick roughing, shaping and contouring of ceramics.

    Large diameter cutters can be used for processing wide surfaces, bite correction. Cutters with a thin end of the working part are convenient for working between structural elements.

    The design of the cutting edges ensures easy cutting of the cutter into metal and fast cutting of the material under conditions of low pressure of the cutter on the surface. Due to this, the cutters can be used for medical correction of solid and metal-ceramic prostheses in a clinic using a dental unit micromotor, which does not have such power as a dental micromotor.

  • large cruciform

    Cutters with coarse cross cutting are used for fast processing of cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium and other types of alloys. They have high wear resistance. The surfaces of the cutters are made with large sharp edges and a cruciform chip breaking system. When using high-speed dental micromotors, the metal is processed very quickly.

    A variety of geometric shapes allows processing various surface configurations.

  • spherical

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